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Originally Posted by Hfbk2006
Here're Rangers picks in the first round for 16 years between 1987 and 2001. I am not looking at more recent picks because we can't be sure about how prospects will turn out in a few years.

Only 2 players, Kovalev and Cloutier, are key players. Everyone else is either nothing or an easily replacable players.

Everyone is having seizures over the prospect of giving up a #1 pick somewhere in the 20's. But odds are, the pick will turn into nothing.

1987: Jayson More, top 10 pick, - Below average NHLer.

1988: No first rounder, but had first overall in the second round which was #22. Drafted Troy Mallette. Below average NHLer. Also drafted Murray Duval at #26 who never played a game in the NHL.

1989: Steven Rice. Borderline NHLer.

1990: Michael Stewart. Never played a game in the NHL.

1991: Kovalev. I'd classify him as a solid second liner. Averaged 27 goals and 37 assists per 80 games in his career. We can count him as a key player on a team. That's 1.

1992: Peter Feraro. Never made it as a regular NHLer.

1993: Sundstrom. Top 10 pick. Third liner. Had one 20+ goal season, almost a decade ago.

1994: Cloutier. Solid starting goalie. Another key player. That's 2.

1995: No first rounders (traded for Pat Verbeek). Dube was the first player NYR drafted at #39, and he never made it.

1996: Jeff Brown. Touted as a sure-fire, safe pick who will never be a star, but will be a #3-4 dman. Unfortunately, not only did he fail to become a star, he failed to play a single NHL game. All picks in 1996 were useless.

1997: Cherneski. Injured, retired. Had promise, but you can't say that he would be a key player until he actually made it.

1998: Malhotra. Top 10 pick. Maybe a third liner, maybe not even.

1999: Lundmark and Brendl, both top 10 picks. The Rangers actually gave up Marc Savard to get Lundmark (they also gave up a first rounder and got Hlavac).

2000: No first round pick (gave that up for Lundmark). Filip Novak was the first pick at 64 and he failed to make it.

2001: Top-10 Blackburn. Injured, retired. Had promise, but you can't say that he would be a key player until he actually became a starter.

2002: No first rounders. Lee Falardeau first pick at #33. I don't expect that he'll make the NHL and if he will, he'll be a marginal player.
this is NOT proof that 1st round picks aren't valuable, this is proof that the rangers have been TERRIBLE at scouting and drafting in the past (they appear to have done better in recent years)...

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