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04-04-2012, 11:26 PM
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Last night on Inside the Game, the FRB concept was brought up by DJWheat... Wheat had read the thread (the Breadth of Gameplay thread) whereas Painuser, Idra and Incontrol just skimmed it.

Painuser: Mules would be OP

Idra: There would have to be some balance tweaks but if this became the standard it would significantly increase the skillcap of the game.

Incontrol: Prefaces by saying that he's always resistant to change. Says that it can never happen ever, and that pro players won't waste their time on it.

DJWheat: The concept itself recognizes that there would need to be balance tweaking. He cites that in other games, some of the most popular and influential versions of competitive gaming have been done on "pro mods", and


And then they moved on.

So I tried to get on "Live on Three" tonight to plug the tournament since the concept was brought up but they didn't bring up (and probably don't know about) the tournament. Unfortunately they didn't have time for calls, or else I would have gotten on according to one of the mods. Bummer.

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