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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Seguin isn't really a good example, for one thing Boston would be a good team with or without him, second of all the player the Bruins flipped to rip off the Leafs and get him was a 5th pick. At this point even if we win all our remaining games, it's unlikely we will drop below 5th.

Second of all, even with multiple lotto picks, both Tampa and the Islanders are missing the playoffs again.

Third, even if we draft second, we aren't getting a can't miss prospect like Tavares or Stamkos. The biggest reason for wanting to get a better pick at this point for me is a greater chance to draft Yakupov, and even then it's going to come down to blind luck. The other three top forwards in this draft may be franchise players, but they also have bust potential. Sadly we aren't drafting Tavares.

In an ideal world we will lose the remaining games, but they will be close. I'm not saying a winning streak is the answer, but I'd rather see these guys finish the season with pride than get humiliated in the remaining games. These things do take their toll.

Chances are, no matter who we draft, the impact of that player on the team next year will be negligible at best.
I like the way you think. You reflect my opinions on the team now and in the future perfectly. I'd like to see the Habs play with passion and effort for the remainder of the season, knowing they have been down and out for awhile. Character means more to a team than anything.

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