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04-05-2012, 02:40 AM
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Thanks for the replies

@theFinn - Rbk's are too wide even with the pump.

@Kessel - All Bauers are great around the forefoot for me, but the heels are too wide. The first skate I tried was a Flexlie 4.0 and the forefoot was EXTREMELY wide on me, nevermind the heel.

@thedonger - Yeah, when I first got my S17s i was like "yes! finally a skate with narrow enough heels for me!" but like I said they broke in and that was that for them. I would really like to try the Grafs at some point, hopefully I can somehow get my shop to pull a pair for me. What exactly is lacebite? I never understood what people meant by that. I don't think I'm experiencing it in my S17s, although I really wouldn't know. As far as the length of the skate, my toes ARE indeed feathering the toe so I'm pretty sure the length is fine. Those "stable 26" socks sound interesting though, I'll have to look into them as a temporary fix. Funny, I've never heard of them before having worked in a proshop for the past 8 years.

@ AIREYE - Yes.. too wide all around.

@ Stickmata - Yeah that's what I really want to do. Might have to take a trip over to another store and see what they have.

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