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11-18-2003, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Cup4Wings
I have put alot of thought into this and I believe there are two changes that could be put into the game to add offense and flow.

First, since the average NHL player has grown from around 5'11" 185 Lbs fifteen years ago to about 6'1" 203 Lbs now we need to create more room for them on the ice. I suggest adding one and a half feet to each side of the rink (three feet in total) and one and a half feet to each end of the rink (three feet in total). The Width is pretty simple but the length should be divided as such. Six inches more room in each offensive zone and two whole feet in the neutral zone to help build up speed for the rush. This transformation would be simple to implement in all NHL arenas because the first row of seats measure roughly three feet. All they would have to do would be pulling out one row of seats all around the ice surface and extend the boards.

Second, because the size of the skaters has increased, common sense says that the size of goaltenders would also increase. With that in mind I propose that they make the nets just a little bigger. How many times during a game have You seen a shot ring off the post? All those shots off the posts and crossbar could be turned into goals and add more excitement to the game. I'm not talking about extending the nets by 6 inches or anything like I have heard before but a marginal increase would more a world of difference. I suggest extending the posts out one and a half inches each way (totaling three inches wider) and raising the crossbar one inch higher.

These small changes would not change the face of the game. Any comments?
No chance of owners taking out expensive seats to increase ice surface.
Put the nets back and make the neutral zone the way it was in the 80's. Adding space where you cant score (behind nets) never made sense to me.

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