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04-05-2012, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by mattbender123 View Post
I just think alot of people on here have overated him might be worst to have high hopes for the kid than have little hope, if we all expect alot from him and when he doesnt perform and turn out to be sidney crosby then you're all going to wrip into him and call him a bust like people have to corrente or anyother prospect we expected alot from. where if we dont expect alot from him like we didnt from guys like gelinas and kelly then they turn out to both be awesome then its just a plus. i feel like alot of people like yourself darius dangleaitis are critical of our underated players and overate other players theres no inbetween, all i am saying is wohlberg isnt gonna be the next henrique for us or the next zajac or anything dont expect alot from him right away
Everyone here would be happy if Wohlberg ends up being a solid bottom six player. I have no idea where you're getting these Zajac and Henrique comparisons from (I'm going to forget that you even mentioned Crosby in your post). No one is going to rip him if he doesn't make it, either. He was a sixth round pick, and therefore the odds are against him to even sign a pro contract.

Corrente is a bust. That's just the way it is.

By the way, please find me an example of when I'm critical of an underrated player. I'll be the first one to tell you how excited I am about a guy like Seth Helgeson, a fourth round stay-at-home prospect who has minimal, if any, flash to his game. I jokingly mentioned Kelly in my last post because you seem to be very keen on him.

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