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04-05-2012, 11:29 AM
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P4M pre-game speech:

Alright boys...are you ready to have your lunch handed to you by the Flyers? Are you ready to be mocked by the Flyers, as they end your season for the second straight year!? Except this time, not even making the playoffs? Are you ready to fall short by ONE GAME, after owning the entire ****ing league for two months to get here? Are you ready to let the guy next to you down? Mother ****ers? Are you?!

Well that's what's going to happen if you don't empty the tank tonight...(look right at Vanek)we aren't going to phone in our back checks tonight...(look at Leino)we are going to bear down and FINISH our chances...tonight we are going to OWN our ZONE. Nobody gets an easy scoring chance in our zone tonight. They are going to ****ing earn it, and it will be stopped anyways. We are not a team with a "weakened" defense, we are wall of ****ing iron...TOGETHER...

**** this team, they have their panties in a bunch from their last game, let's give them something new to whine about. A loss. Our season is just beginning, it starts right now....

Flip a table and stab the equipment manager in the arm with a skate. Then walk out.

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