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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Nothing has changed since the Expos.
Baseball has promised a salary cap and an even playing field for 30 years and STILL has done nothing. Baseball is a big LIE.
Maybe people have forgotten just why the Expos are gone.
Expos had one of the best minor league development teams ever. Yet every time the Expos brought up a great rookie some team like the Yankees would just wave a lot of money and bye bye mr . rookie.
With unlimited funds the top 5-6 baseball teams just control all of baseball. When the Expos complained bitterly to the MLB they were lie too and told it's about to happen. 30 years and counting ?????
LIES LIES and more LIES. it's not fair at all. It's NOT an even playing field. How would you like to see Price+ Patches+ Subban+ Cole+ all get huge contracts form NY with NO compensation coming back to the Habs. A total loss to the Habs. Now add the Fact the the NHL would LIE to us and promise to fix this but it's been 30 years !!!~
a Riot ? a MEGA RIOT? WAR?
This. Must-read for all baseball fans.

I was a huge fan but haven't followed since they took the team. Don't kid yourselves, there will never be an MLB team back here. Remember they tried to contract us once, took the Twins to stave it off.

The field is so tilted it is ridiculous w/o a cap. I was looking at following the Dodgers this year, but there is zero chance for them, none at all...until their new ownership gets approved and they can spend like NYY, Boston, Tex, Anaheim. Another Expos team would just end up another Pirates / KC, no chance ever to really compete financially.

AAA or even AA would be much more feasible here. Royals, anyone?

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