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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
People can be patriotic however they want, so I don't really think of this as a big deal. However, to the OP: putting your hand over your heart during the anthem isn't actually appropriate. Your hand goes over your heart when you're swearing an oath or making a pledge, which you are not doing during the anthem. Technically, the appropriate thing during the anthem is to stand at attention. Like I said, it's not a big deal and just something people don't tend to think about. And like I said, since people find their own ways to be patriotic, I think of the cheering during the anthem the same way. It's not technically appropriate, but it is patriotic and that's what matters.

As for Boyle and McDonagh, good for them. I'm sure a bunch of the other Americans do similar things on the Rangers. This is a very American group. We have an equal number of Americans as Canadians in the lineup, which is rare.
It is appropriate.

The Salute
To salute, all persons come to attention. Those in uniform give the appropriate formal salute. Citizens not in uniform salute by placing their right hand over the heart and men with head cover should remove it and hold it to left shoulder, hand over the heart. Members of organizations in formation salute upon command of the person in charge.

I'm a soldier. I've been to a billion ceremonies with the flag -- outdoors and indoors.

When not in uniform, you place your hand over your heart. It's army regulation and civilian etiquette.

Soldiers are not allowed to slaute indoors for the anthem. They stand at attention.

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