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02-28-2006, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Ansky1213
I've been lurking on these boards for a long time, and only started posting again recently. My question is how come there is such a Pock hate fest? Obviously a player is much more than the sum of his numbers, impressive as they might be. And, from everything I've heard, his overall game needs some work. So why is it that most people here assume that he is a lost cause and that work that he needs to do on his game won't work?
I don't know either. I guess he isn't showing us what we need after a total of what, 10 NHL games. Half the board wants a full blown rebuild but lack the patience to give guys a chance to make some mistakes. If these dumb rookies would just stop screwing up they would be stars already, can't they figure it out?

Oh, and there is a little speedbump when it comes to resting 5-8 players, and that's a roster limit. Unless we put 4-7 guys on IR, don't expect too many call ups. I don't think we recalled anyone for Prucha yet, so that is one spot. Unless Kasper, Jagr and somebody else needs up to a week off (less with a retro active placement on IR) we can't possibly call up much else. I guess its possible to scratch Jagr in favor of Orr but I hear the Ranger brass doesn't want the HFboards to crash from the sheer glee of the NYR posters.

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