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04-05-2012, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
It's not an awful idea, but I am reluctant to do another Torts centered theme because we did 'Torts kind of guy' last season.

No, Henrik is not God, Qvistian = Christian = Qvist = Christ. Henrik would be Jesus in Qvistianity. The commandments can be about anything really seeing as they are not about God at all, but rules God has set for man to follow.
I thought jesus was god in christianity. The whole trinity thing doesn't actually make sense anyway . I was thinking with the commandments in particular the callahan one. In that it's you will have no other gods before me, if hank is god here that would have to be about him, not cally. Maybe that's not important to some, but it bugged me a little.

With the torts idea, I just like any idea that comes from the team. And since the coach sets the tone for the team it's easiest to come up things for each guy on the team using the coach as the common factor. That's sort of why I didn't like th qvistian thing, it's the wrong guy as the common denominator. Hank is a player, he should be with the other players. Torts is the coach, he's supposed to be seperate from the players, he's only supposed to facilitate the players achievments.

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