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Originally Posted by StanJohns View Post
one night we had a practice time and some figure skater wouldnt leave the ice. he was being arrogant as though it was his rink, so one of the "bigger" skaters went out there and was somehow able to persuade Mr Boitano to leave in the interest of his health and competitive future.

i played my 1st Las Vegas tourney in 1994. in the championship game we played a team from Omaha. i turned my skate like an idiot to stop a slap shot and was in severe pain. we went on to lose the game. later that night i was drinking to help take the pain away, and a guy sat next to me to gamble a slot machine. we got to talking, then he said, "oh man im sorry i really got you good" He was a great guy and we drank all night together on his tab.

we played another tourney in San Francisco, down at the Redwood City rink. we played a game and stayed to watch another game from our division. Rick Chartraw former Canadien and King was playing D for one team. there was a face off, and just as the puck was being dropped Chartraw lets out a huge belch you could hear through the whole rink.

In 91 we played at RWC, and a bunch of guys were coming in for some skating time. turned out to be a bunch of the Sharks. After our game I went to the room, changed into my new Sharks jersey and went back out on the ice. Doug Wilson was out there and threw me a puck, then we started skating back and forth doing some passing, then when Perry Berezan came out on the ice Wilson yelled at me with a big smile saying ok, you had some fun now get outta here! no animos at all. he was very cool and i think he knew that he had made my day.
Were you playing at Belmont? What a crappy old barn. I got hit into the drop in board in the corner more than once when it blew out and me and the guy who hit me ended up outside the rink and we had to wait 20 mins for them to put it back together. One of my best friends was the manager of that rink for years and years.

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