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11-18-2003, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
Sure, as long as they conform to the rest of ours...

As for Jagr, he was a GREAT player and I guess there is some credence to the statement that he will be great once again as soon as he gets out of WASHINGTON...But in the past 6-7 years, how many players have lifted their game once they got to NY? The answer is very close to zero although Dunham is doing a good job and pluggers like Barnaby and Simon have had a rebirth..Almost everybody else, especially the Big Kahunas, fail miserably...As I think Jagr will....

And I watch alot of Caps game and I gotta say jaromir Jagr and his whining, pouting, slow-motion, tanking arse has to be the biggest emabarrassment on NHL ice...

But you know what, I think he will become a Ranger for minimal cost (both player wise and contract wise) sometime in the next few months, and some dead weight might even go the other way...But, if possible to believe, I think he will make us an even worse TEAM..

But the fun (Ha!) will be seeing if indeed that happens.

Larry Melnyk (aka Der Fuehrer)

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