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04-06-2012, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
As disappointing as it gets. I feel like I did after Game 3 last year in the playoffs. Just ridiculous. We dominate the Sharks, and let them squeak a win.
Man I was just so down looking at the scoreboard at 4-5 and thinking, this is just like game 3 of the playoffs last year...maybe not as dramatic, but the SOS.

And I thought to myself last year, this will be good in the long run, Kings will learn from this, yada yada yada.

They didn't learn ****. They couldn't keep their composure tonight, and their penalty kill defense took a vacation.

As far as "blame" goes, I agree with the poster above who said "I just can't blame Quick." I think blame is a really harsh word. I will say that Quick just wasn't on his game tonight...he made two unbelievable, incredible saves in the second period, but that interference call seemed to unnerve him for the remainder of the game, and he looked shaky in that third, all period long, even on some of those saves he made.

It's just an observation. I wouldn't trade the guy for any goalie in the league, ever. But all goalies are going to have off nights.

As far as the refereeing goes, didn't go so well. As you all know, I won't blame the refs. But their night was just as shaky as Quick's was. My first impression of the Kopitar penalty was it was a trip, or a board...but the replay shows that the Sharks player went down on his own...but then on the replay you can't really see Kopitar's stick, so I have no idea if he tripped him or not. I know about 18,000 fans in the building were pissed.

After this brutal SO loss, the Kings are still in 3rd. Amazing.

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