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04-06-2012, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by mtylerjr View Post
At the risk of causing contention (this is a serious question) how do Kings fans feel about the run in the back on Mitchell, and the run in the back on Couture? Were those plays less disgraceful? Both plays were illegal plays, one was caught, the other was not (like the clowe play) - only unlike the clowe play, both of those actually caused injury.

IMHO, as a sharks fan, the clowe thing was ridiculous, and he should have gotten a 2 minute "two many men" penalty. But I think Kings fans are more angry at clowe for the fact that the refs didnt call the penalty. Would kings fans have been angry if he had gotten a penalty? I doubt it - they would have just laughed and thought he was a retard, and probably start chanting his name derisively. But I dont think there would have been any more anger at him than for someone closing their hand on the puck and getting caught. It's just that he got away with it, which wasn't his "fault"

So I think that its really the refs that deserve the anger - from both fanbases. Tonights game had poor officiating, IMHO.
As I see it, the Mitchell hit was a penalty. it was a late hit, and should have been called. The cross check on couture was a penalty, but i really feel like couture sold it, Clifford just gave him a little shove, and you could see in the replay that he did not drill couture into the boards like couture made it look like. That should have been a 2 minute penalty.

The refs were horrible tonight on both sides. And i have felt like the refs have been really bad this year throughout the league.

IMHO Kings fans have every right to be upset about the clowe stick. And if it had been a King who did that to the sharks, then sharks fans would be up in arms about it. That play did not decide the game, but it was a big factor at that point of the game.

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