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The Montreal Gazette - March 10th, 1948:

Campbell Names Two Players

Clarence Campbell, president of the National Hockey League, at long last yesterday announced the results of his investigation into a reported player-gambler hookup in his own league. He found that two players were involved.

Billy Taylor, lately of the New York Rangers, has been expelled for life while Don Gallinger, of the Boston Bruins, has been suspended indefinitely. Taylor is 29, Gallinger 22.


This is the first time since the National Hockey League was formed in 1917 that a player has drawn life expulsion for betting activities. Big Babe Pratt was in the wrong a couple of years ago when it was discovered that he had been betting on hockey games and had made a practice of associating with professional gamblers. But Babe had been betting on his own team and was so contrite at the time that Red Dutton, then the league head, let him up after he'd been suspended for a couple of weeks.
- wow...what an idiot Pratt must have been. There is another Dink Carroll article which I'm not going to post in this thread (because there's not really any valuable information in it) where he jokes about the fact that the Leafs were so bad that season (must have been 1945-46) that Pratt could only have lost money by betting on himself. We already had an image of Pratt as perhaps not the most gifted player in terms of hockey sense, but risking expulsion from the league only to lose money is really hurr...durr territory.

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