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04-06-2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue'sClues View Post
Look at me, I just signed up to go trolling on every board except the Penguins board.

Have fun, it's a long weekend, but make sure your homework is done before Tuesday OK?
Originally Posted by TonyTheGr8 View Post
Gonna be hard to get all 3 teams when Philly beats the piss out of your whiney, fa**ot team for 7 games. You'll be lucky if you get through the 1st round.
Originally Posted by JayQueensNY88 View Post
Im pretty sure this is trolling! ive gotten in trouble for similar things...go back to your boards,please do us a favor.
Don't judge an entire fan-base off of one idiotic individual. Sorry about Stepan, I feel embarrassed for the pens. Shouldn't have happened, hope he's ok. 10 games is a bit much but realistically maybe 2. I mean missing 1 playoff game is a lot more devastating than a regular season game so i see it as essentially a 3 game suspension which seems about right for a knee on knee. Anyways, i can tell you with certainty, that Orpik is not a dirty player. He has literally had one instance of people thinking he was dirty and that was with cole 6 years ago. When a player's game is centered around making big hits, bad things are gonna happen sometimes. Doesnt excuse what he did, just wanted to clarify that people talking about Orpik like he's pond scum is wrong.

I don't have anything against the rangers, I obviously hate the Flyers and the B's though. I don't think that making enemies with these guys matter really though. If they needed extra motivation for the playoffs than they're in trouble to begin with. You don't win playoff series by making friends with teams and try to tell me that after 7 games against someone, if you didnt hate them before, you do now.

Anyways, hope Stepan is ok. Don't take penguin trolls seriously, every team has them, our's are just more ridiculous.

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