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04-06-2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by cyclones22 View Post
Absolutely something should be done. The NHL is setting a precedent here. If they do nothing, then imagine someone on a breakaway in the playoffs and that happens. Would you take a penalty to stop it? The league can't allow that type of thinking to be a calculated risk. They have to take punitive punishment out on the offender to make absolutely sure nothing like that happens again.
Marty McSorely was at the game and he was interviewed by the radio crew afterwards for his opinion.

He had an interesting take. He said that play is a minor penalty (something akin to "too many men on the ice" or "unsportsmanlike conduct"). But he also wondered out loud "What if it happens in the last two minutes of the game? Penalty shot?"

Look for a rule change just for this one freak play. I would say that would be (should be) the solution. Penalty shot in the last two minutes of a game, for sure. Maybe even at the end of a period to avoid the "broken up" power play. (IMO, PPs that are broken up from one period to another are less effective; its hard to gain and keep momentum that way.)

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