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Originally Posted by sand1138man View Post
When it came down to it, the guys who SHOULD have stepped up in that game did not even come close to showing up.

Pominville who scored goals in every big game this year, doesn't come close in the biggest game.

Vanek who is SUPPOSED to be the best offensive weapon we have skates into the corner on a 3 on 1 without doing ANYTHING with the puck.

Miller who let in seven goals in 6 games prior to the pens game lets in 16 in the next 4, and when a guy comes in on him with 5 minutes left in the biggest game of the year, he doesn't even come close to stopping it (regehr had a disgusting attempt at defense on that play)

Lets see, so all the big signings we were so excited about:
Regehr - obviously worst play of the season for any player
erhoff- injury prone
leino- awful for most of the year and FINALLY started to play 8 goals all season
Boyes- 6 goals all year
hodgson - cold the whole time he was with buffalo

and our veterans-
Miller - AWFUL until his switched turned on and got us INTO a playoff spot, and then backed us out

Vanek- 10 PP goals and still was - 7 and din't even play on the penalty kill, actually never played any defense at all, WAS ASLEEP THE LAST QUARTER OF THE SEASON

Roy- 17 goals and a minus 8, also a no show for the philly game

Gerbe - played 50 more games then foligno and scored the same amount of goals.......6.......ARE YOU KIDDING 6??????

Stafford - 20 goals and a minus 7, decided to get hot for about 7 games and hides in plain site the rest of the year.

Myers, injury prone, not in the games when they counted, not a forced at all, only 8 goals in the 55 games he played

Mccormick - how do you play 50 games and not accidentally get more then 4 points (same as paul szczechura who played 3, maybe we could have had him in instead).....Weber - minus 19, not and NHL caliber defensemen and will never be

The good-

Ennis - is without a doubt the best player on the team, he was the ONLY player that skated hard in every game he was in, the only player that SHOWED UP against philly (just like in the playoffs last year). The only person who can possibly be argued against him as the best player on the team is pominville, but I give the edge to Ennis cause he played hard when it counted. oh and he was plus 12

Pominville - 72 points, consistant all year, all-star

foligno - up and coming star- wish we had him all year, hitter, scorer, big.....could be our lucic some day

The Ok- Tropp, ellis, sulzer(better pick up then hodgson), leopold, regehr (most of the year), kaleta (could of used more offense)

The season -
Most people will say that we had a huge comeback and just missed, but really we got to a place where we held sole possesion of 8th with a healthy team, and choked, then got a chance again with 2 games left, and choked. Partially excited about next year because of Ennis, Foligno, and Pominville, plus the pick 2 first round picks which kind of stinks cause we will have a mid round pick due to our come back, but i'd rather have the chemistry the team gained by going through that together then have then have an entire awful season and a pick a litter earlier IMO. At least it showed what aour team is capable of.

I Think Lindy ruff ran Miller into the ground because he forgot we have a backup goalie who can win games and he thought we still had lalime, and that hurt us. He over played erhoff and myers and they both got hurt when we needed them (probability of getting hurt goes up with ice time) Our Defense can be good next year with myers, erhoff, leopold, sekera, regehr, Sulzer (mcnabb, webber and brennan for depth) It scares me that miller has a switch and you never know when he's going to shut a team out, or just shut himself down. Inconsistancy is really scaring me, because as good as our team looks on paper, this year proved that paper doesn't matter, and we need to find out why our players get injured so much, and higher a better trainer, conditioning coach, dietician and anythign that has to do with limiting your chances of injury, because whoever is in charge of those positions now were the biggest reason for our missing the playoffs.

Bottom line - I think lindy should watch the playoffs carefully and steer this team towards an identity based off what the winning teams do, but I dont think we need to get rid of him, or darcy. I think we a fine personel wise, just need to get the injuries under control. Miller needs to be quiet when provoked, and not say things like "Guarenteeing a playoff spot will rattle your young goalies" and then let himself get rattles while Neuvirth gets the job done. He needs to be a positive part of the team, not a negative part, and he needs to let enroth play for him more often (even during important games), terry pegula was the best thing that happened to miller cause he put a solid team around him, now miller just has to make the best of it................See everyone next year and "let's go....." wait I hate every team in the payoffs except maybe jersey and florida. I hope boston gets killed, as well and philly
If your saying Hodgson was cold the whole time he was with buffalo you clearly weren't watching him the whole time he was in buffalo.

is all I have on your entire post.

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