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Please let this be true.

Mutu can be a trainwreck in his personal life but he is insanely talented. As a Fiorentina fan I'd immediately get a Mutu Impact jersey.

If focused, he'd be probably the best forward in MLS. He has more left in the tank thank say, Henry, and is a better creator while still being a good scorer. At worst he can't control his personal life and makes for a hilarious story.

Edit: Just realized it was discussed already, sorry.
Originally Posted by Captain Saku View Post
Yikrd, I hope not. Mutu is talented but he has a dark past. He's been banned twice for doping. I'm not sure what kind of message Saputo would give to the fans if he signs a guy like him. Even on the pitch he's regressed a lot in the past 2 years. Having a DP is nice but not Mutu please.
"Banned twice for doping" isn't entirely true to be fair. He was banned for failing a drug test twice; The first time was not doping but coke. Not that it makes it any better but it was a personal issue. The second time was pure stupidity, he was taking an over the counter weight loss medicine without checking what was inside it.

Mutu is a bit of an idiot, yes. He's also still more talented than 90% of MLS, and if anything might be better off in an environment where he won't be racially abused for being Romanian like he is in Italy.

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