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Anyone saying to start at the toe, or that it's all in the wrist, has no idea what they're talking about. Start with the puck at the heel, and as you pass you quickly pull your blade across the puck to give it spin, the more spin the better. Unlike with a wrist/snap shot there is NO wrist motion, no quick opening/closing of the blade, you keep the blade open the whole time, and just drag it across the puck. When you take a wrist/snap shot, people often think of pointing the toe of the blade at the target, with a saucer pass it's best to think of pointing the HEEL of your blade at the target.

The real trick is getting a lot of spin on short saucer passes. I find long saucer passes easy, but the short ones are tough, the spin is necessary to keep the puck flat in the air so it lands smoothly, but it can be difficult to get a lot of spin without giving the puck much speed. Practice makes perfect, though.

Originally Posted by ComradeChris View Post
Just watch this video a couple of times... copy what the magician does and you'll figure it out.
Not a saucer pass.

Edit: nevermind, I see this is an insanely old thread necro. Regardless, don't go trying to throw saucer passes like they're wrist shots.

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