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Originally Posted by Santini5389 View Post
... I have more than an abnormal foot, and in all of my years of sizing people up and sending customers off satisfied, I've never come across someone with the same type of foot as me, so who would I ask about my problem? We sell mainly Bauers and Eastons at my shop and I've never really experienced GRAFs, so that was another reason for coming online and asking. As far as "instep" goes, we don't really go into detail with that when sizing people up. We offer them skates, they try them on, and we try to make sure they're the most comfortable/best fitting skate.
Glad it was helpful. I know if my parents owned a pro shop and I couldn't fit myself with a brand they sell, the last thing I would do is buy and wear a brand we didn't sell, but I would be on the phone to my rep asking what can be done and getting a solution. But your approach to asking a question on a public forum when no one here can either see or diagnose your problem lends a lot of credibility to your story.

When I smell BS, I just call that way.

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