Thread: Speculation: The "Accidental" UFA
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04-06-2012, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by JawandaPuck View Post
IMO, those at risk of not getting qualified:

PlayerPosTeamAgeCap Hit
Wolski, WojtekFFLA26$3,800,000
Comeau, BlakeFCGY26$2,500,000
Fehr, EricFWIN26$2,200,000
Raymond, MasonFVAN26$2,550,000
Brule, GilbertFPHO25$1,850,000
O'Reilly, CalFPIT25$1,050,000
Latendresse, GuillaumeFMIN24$2,500,000
Mueller, PeterFCOL23$2,000,000
Barker, CamDEDM26$2,250,000

Anyone of these players who you think shouldn't be on this list? Anyone you who you think is missing from this list?
One other thing to point out: some of these players are eligible to receive a 2-way QO. Those that are may be willing to accept a lower 1-way amount than their QO would be for.

Wolski: Might be 2-way eligible. Depends on how many times he was a healthy scratch this season--if more than 22 games he's 2-way eligible.
Comeau: 1-way
Fehr: 1-way [meets the threshold due to injury games missed]
Raymond: 1-way
Brule: 2-way
O'Reilly: 2-way
Latendresse: Not sure, depends on the exact extent of injured games
Mueller: 1-way
Barker: Probably 1-way, again depends on # of injured games vs. healthy scratches.

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