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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
That's why I trust them; Mutu was a model redemption story at Fiorentina when the owners cared and the club was among the best run in Italy. It's when the owners started cutting costs and fighting with the fans that thing went poorly. On a close team he's less likely to find dumb ways to distract himself.

I'm more worried about his injury record than anything else, but other players who looked like they were falling apart like Henry and JP Angel were able to put themselves together in MLS, also Trezeguet has had a similar success story in Argentina.
Well I don't think the Injury will be a problem... Maybe someone can confirm this for me, but its a 500,000$ Anual Salary to start with alongside a 50,000$ per game played. So if his injuries catch up to him, its not as if Saputo just threw money out of the window. It's 500,000$ Yes, But its better than losing 4,5 Million (That would be if he played the maximum games according to the articles) if they decided not to put the XX,XXX$ Per game bonus/whatever you wana call it

In that sense, if those rumors of the contract details are true, It's a smart way of putting the contract together. And I suppose they did the same with Rivas & Ferrari, Low Anual Salarys for them not to be DP's, but a big amount of $ per game played... Thats if the contract bonuses, or whatever you want to call those extra $ per game don't count in the cap.

Real good video for those who don't know much about him. Gets interesting around the 3 minute mark. Don't know much about him, but gave me chills :p

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