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04-06-2012, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SvenskaRiga View Post
Ahh ok, so I didnt read those articles wrong and what the hell, so basically for the Champion its "apply, pass....ohh sorry, nobody is leaving, try again next year, maybe then you can join us"

Pretty much, the league will never grow above 14 again unless the people in charge randomly decide they want it to happen? Lame.
there's no desire to grow. some in the league would prefer to make the league even smaller. i remember times when some thought about 10 teams to have a better schedule.

the problem with the DEL is that there's no "league". they have no one to decide things and no one who takes care of the growth of the league. all teams are equal and of course each team has a different interest. and of course the small market teams don't want relegation because they would likely be first while teams like berlin would support relegation because they are too good and too rich to ever get relegated.
and all those different interests keep the league from ever developing. there's really no progress. no new ideas how to make the league bigger. it's the just business as usual. but that's a general problem in german. the federation has nothing to say anymore. so every league is doing their own stuff and it just gets worse from top to bottom.

this is why german fans often sound bitter when talking about german hockey.

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