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04-06-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Genius Brian Lawton View Post
Voynov is already a point producing 20 minute+ per night defender and Bernier hasn't proven what Bishop cost? Seriously?

Let me spell this out for a lot of people who seem to not look at numbers or watch Kings games - Bernier has played 48 games to Schneiders 68, so the idea that Schneider is so much more proven than him is ridiculous. He has carried a Kings team that can't buy a ****ing goal (its comical how they can't score, the only team worse is Minnesota with 165GF) and played with a far regressed defense than Vancouver. Lets not kid ourselves, both of these guys are legit and would be a drastic improvement. The only reason his numbers seem so down is because he has played only 800 minutes this season, while Quick has been on a complete tear and should get a Vezina nomination.

I don't know how you can say Martinez or Greene aren't upgrades, thats ridiculous. Aulie has been awful, Lee has been awful, Gervais is nothing more than a warm body... truthfully, Hedman and Brewer have been the only defenders I could look at and say "yeah, lets put him out there" because none of the others are positionally sound, block shots, or play the body. ****, Greene would be a HUGE upgrade.

We need defense, we need a forward, Conacher is ready to step into a top six role and I think with training camp, Brown will, too. Conacher will be in Tampa next year, don't fool yourself - thats why he was signed now.

So really the only thing we agree on is Voynov not being available. We're moving something (most likely picks) for a goaltender this summer.
The reason people are saying Schneider has more experience isn't just for the 20 games. His GAA is 2.24 save %9.28 and has pkayed in 5 playoff games, Bernier has 2.50 & .910 with no playoff experience. Im not saying that Bernier wouldn't be good for us but he's not worth a potential top 10 pick and more a late 1st/2nd. I don't know what games your watching if you can honestly say Brewer is one of our best and Aullie and Lee are awful. Aullie is still raw and has been physical and decent when giving enough shifts, Lee has been one of our best since we got him, he's had a few bad plays but playing with Clark makes you look bad when your not. I don't watch any kings games but stat wise Greenes about as good as Clark and Martinez is "warm body" Gervais. Greene is almost 30 and makes about 3 mil, we can pay Lee 1 mil and have similar players. Martinez is cheaper but not worth trading for. Conarcher may make the team next year but he won't be given top 6 minutes, have you forgotten Marty, Purcell, Malone and Connelly? We made trade one but we may sign another too. So Conacher and Brown will be a very good 3rd line with Pyatt or Thompson.

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