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Originally Posted by BenchBrawl View Post
wait I have a bit of a brain cramp , the numbers at the end (r-on / r-off) are the average goals scored by their team per game , or against their team per game?
R is shorthand for even strength GF/GA ratio.

So if a player's team has 15 ESGF and 10 ESGA when he is on the ice, his R-ON is 1.5 (15/10). If the team has 12 ESGF and 12 ESGA when the player is off the ice, his R-ON is 1.0 (12/12).

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
How are Pronger's numbers affected by his time in Anaheim, when Niederarmayer on the other pairing was basically getting the shut down roles at even strength?
Niedermayer and Beauchemin, right.

Taking out the Anaheim years from the above numbers (leaving 1998-2006, 2010), Pronger had 54 ESGA/82, 73 minor penalties/82, R-ON=1.42, R-OFF=0.81.

From 1998-2004, in his prime in St. Louis, Pronger had 47 ESGA/82, 94 minor penalties/82, R-ON=1.44, R-OFF=0.72. Yeah, he took a lot of penalties in the playoffs for the Blues.

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