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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
Im not going to take the time to find it but it it's at least half true..

Im not sure about in the whole history of the NHL but is is at least true of the last 30 or so years.. No team has used so many call ups since the 1992 (might have been 1994) Boston Bruins who I believe used 52 players in that season..

So I dont know if that stat is the all time record OR if its just saying that no team SINCE the Bruins has used so many players. But either way, the amount of injuries & call-ups we went thru this year is monumental..

interesting tidbit, that Bruins team still managed to make the play-offs that year.
To add to that, that Bruins team suited up that many players with a few trades. So that also increased the number is different layers suiting up for that team. I think it was like 7 players from trades. Don't quote me on that though.

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