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Biggest Steal of the draft: Jack Crawford, NJ
Biggest Reach of the draft: Barry Beck, MTL
Smartest/best strategic pick in the draft: Jack Walker, HAM
Biggest blunder selection of the draft: Boris Alexandrov, who is this?
A Player finally getting respect in the draft: Helmut Balderis seems to be getting a lot of respect after being a pretty enigmatic player prior to this years draft.
A player always taken too high, finally getting picked where he should in the draft: Ed Litzenberger, KEN
A player you've discovered in this draft: Jack Crawford, NJ
Most underrated player taken: Don Luce, GAR
Most overrated player taken: Nikolai Sologubov, TOR
Favourite line of the draft: Jack Walker - Dave Keon - Shane Doan, lethal defensive combo with some offensive ability.
Best assembled line of the draft: Bobby Hull - Max Bentley - Cam Neely
Worst assembled line of the draft: Cy Denneny - Frank Nighbor - Helmut Balderis, I already voiced my opinion on the assassination thread, I just don't see it working.
Favourite pairing of defensemen: Emile Bouchard - Larry Robinson
Most puzzling pairing of defensemen: Pat Egan - Dickie Boon, this was hard, but these two IIRC are both rushing defensemen or very one-dimensional offensive blueliners.
Team in the other conference it'd be interesting to meet in the finals: Lada Togliatti, I think our teams are fairly similar and I like the way his team was assembled.
Team in the other conference you wouldn't want to meet in the finals: Philadelphia Flyers, start to finish, very strong team.
A funny/dramatic story (related to the ATD) you've learned about since the start of the draft: mark vs. everybody


Best selection: You cannot vote for players you own
1st round: Guy Lafleur
2nd round: Frank Boucher
3rd round: Peter Forsberg
4th round: Busher Jackson
5th round: Lionel Conacher
6th round: Bill White
7th round: Rod Gilbert
8th round: Mike Grant, see the bio on BBS's thread
9th round: Craig Ramsay
10th round: Marty Pavelich
11th round: Joe Klukay
12nd round: Don Luce
13th round: Bill Hajt
14th round: Smokey Harris
15th round: Adam Graves
16th round: Pat Verbeek
17th round: Rogatien Vachon
18th round: Phil Russell
19th round: Al Secord, or Stamkos
20th round: Murray Murdoch
21st round: Al Rollins
22nd round: Neal Broten
23th round: Lorne Carr
24th round: Patrick Kane
25th round: Mush March

'Worst' Selection
1st round: Slava Fetisov, belongs in the first round and it really depends on how one decides to build their team, but I think he is below Messier and a few others.
2nd round: none
3rd round: Clint Benedict, I'm a lot less sold on him now that it was pretty much proved that he is on the same level as Vezina minus playoffs, I think he should go lower if there is that much parity between them.
4th round: Roy Conacher, I don't think he should go before Lionel.
5th round: Clark Gillies
6th round: Harry Howell, like Benedict, I'm less sold because of comparisons with players who are canonized much lower. And I don't see Crawford worthy of a 150 pick jump, although he is a lot more impressive.
7th round: Brad McCrimmon, as much as I did like him, I really don't think he has a place this early in the draft (RIP)
8th round: Nikolai Sologubov
9th round: Adam Foote, see: McCrimmon
10th round: Bert Corbeau
11th round: Dany Heatley
12nd round: Pierre Turgeon, I think him and Nicholls are similar case.
13th round: Barry Beck
14th round: Charlie Huddy
15th round: Lars-Erik Sjoberg
16th round: Bill Barilko, or Dion Phaneuf
17th round: Tony Amonte, love him, but I don't know if that jump was all that necessary.
18th round: Louis Berlinguette #rattled
19th round: Boris Alexandrov
20th round: Jan Erixon, little bit premature IMO
21st round: Kirk Maltby
22nd round: Duane Sutter
23th round: Stanislav Nevesely
24th round: Ladislav Trojak
25th round: Milan Lucic

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