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Biggest Steals of the draft: Sweeney Schriner at 181, Helmut Balderis at 318, Jiri Holik at 419, Lynn Patrick at 572
Biggest Reach of the draft: If it weren't for a single liner in Ultimate Hockey, would Bert Corbeau be selected in the draft at all?
Smartest/best strategic pick in the draft: Hawkeytown trading up for Bill Quackenbush, probably the last two-way defenseman in his class, Stoneberg drafting Arkady Chernyshev to help out Tarasov
Biggest blunder selection of the draft: Bugg's Alexandrov mishap (lol), Monster Bertuzzi drafting Mike Keenan as his coach after already having Gordie Drillon in the fold (in a vacuum Keenan was a great pick, but fit matters)
A Player finally getting respect in the draft: Dan Boyle. Where was this respect when I had him on my bottom pairing last year, Sturm?
A player always taken too high, finally getting picked where he should in the draft: Lionel Coacher, George Hainsworth
A player you've discovered in this draft: Helmut Balderis
Most underrated player takens: Jiri Holik
Most overrated player takens: Johnny Bower
Favourite line of the draft: Doug Bentley - Phil Esposito - Hooley Smith
Best assembled line of the draft: Tommy Phillips - Syl Apps - Jarome Iginla - the perfect LWL line
Worst assembled line of the draft: Vselvod Bobrov - Bill Cowley - Bobby Bauer
Favourite pairing of defensemen: Mark Howe - Babe Siebert (not the most talented but a perfect fit for each other)
Most puzzling pairing of defensemen: Ian Turnbull - Paul Reinhart
Team in the other conference it'd be interesting to meet in the finals: Philadelphia Flyers - Gordie Howe and Leo Boivin vs Ted Lindsay, Duke Keats and Jack Stewart? The ice would be covered in blood.
Team in the other conference you wouldn't want to meet in the finals: Minnesota Fighting Saints - the only team in the draft that I where I can't claim an advantage on my top defensive pairing
A funny/dramatic story (related to the ATD) you've learned about since the start of the draft: I honestly didn't know the story of Ted Lindsay skating around, pointing his stick like a gun at the Toronto crowd after scoring the winning goal in a game after receiving death threats.


Best selection: You cannot vote for players you own
1st round: Red Kelly at 18
2nd round: Sergei Makarov at 61
3rd round: Andy Bathgate at 74
4th round: Nels Stewart at 118
5th round: Denis Savard at 157
6th round: Sweeney Schriner at 181
7th round: Jiri Holecek at 195
8th round: Baldy Northcott at 255
9th round: Alf Smith at 267
10th round: Helmut Balderis at 318
11th round: Dany Heatley at 344
12nd round: Milan Novy at 371
13th round: Ivan Hlinka at 414
14th round: Jiri Holik at 419
15th round: Punch Imlach at 472
16th round: Bernie Nicholls at 511
17th round: Arkady Chernyshev at 541
18th round: Lynn Patrick at 572
19th round: Ernie Russell at 603
20th round: Jaroslav Holik at 618
21st round: Percy LeSueur at 650
22nd round: Bobby Rowe at 697
23th round: Lorne Carr at 729
24th round: Mike Richards at 767
25th round: Fred Lake at 773

'Worst' Selection

First off, I don't actually think there was a bad pick in the first three rounds by anyone (well done), but I forced myself to pick "the worst."

1st round: Bryan Trottier at 15 (no actual bad picks, but the first selected in his tier)
2nd round: Joe Malone at 58 (I've selected him only a little later in the past)
3rd round: Doug Gilmour at 89?
4th round: Yvan Cournoyer at 101
5th round: Clark Gillies at 158
6th round: Glenn Anderson at 182
7th round: Bob Baun at 218
8th round: Tim Kerr at 227
9th round: Gary Roberts at 257
10th round: Bert Corbeau at 300
11th round: Vsevolod Bobrov at 311
12nd round: Reed Larson at 382
13th round: Wendel Clark at 393
14th round: Reijo Ruotsalainen at 441
15th round: Stefan Persson at 457
16th round: Bill Barilko at 504
17th round: Yvon Lambert at 522
18th round: Kelly Miller at 557
19th round: ?
20th round: Ray Ferraro at 632
21st round: Kirk Maltby at 665
22nd round: Duane Sutter at 684
23th round: Who is Stanislav Nevesely? (at 734)
24th round: Ladislav Trojak at 739
25th round: Red Kelly (coach) at 792

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