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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Typical. "Something good happened? Credit Craig Patrick! Something bad happened? Blame Scott Howson!"

Do you REALLY want to see Patrick's first- and second-round drafting with Pittsburgh? If you think Columbus can't draft in the second round, check out Pittsburgh's record over a 17-year span.
Originally Posted by Roadman View Post
Don't confuse the situation with facts.
Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Wow, amazingly condescending garbage. We've been doing much better in later round recently. At least with getting someone that has potential. Howson is involved in that and I am the original member and founder of the "Howson blows" committee.

I may not think highly of Howson, but let's not become so blinded that we can no longer remain objective.

Howson can only be credited/faulted for 3 drafts so far (2008-10).
Craig Patrick's relevant drafts are (1990-2005)

Craig Patrick had 16 first round picks. 5 of those 16 picks were #5 or better. The remainder were 16th or less, the average being in the mid 20's.

Those drafted in the first 6 of the relevant drafts:

Howson 2008 #6 Filatov-BUST

Howson 2010 #4 Johansen-4 assists in last 24 games.

Patrick 1990 #5. A guy named Jagr. Hall of Famer

Patrick 2002 #5 Ryan Whitney-so so defenseman.

Patrick 2003 #1 M. Fleury Stanley Cup winning goalie and Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Patrick 2004 #2 Some guy named Malkin. Future HHOFer

Patrick 2005 #1 Sidney Someone.

Patrick's second round picks were lacking. But, he was generally picking in the 50th player chosen range. Like most of his first round picks, he was picking up leftovers.

Over the years, Patrick's 16 drafts (not including his first rounders) have yielded roughly 20 players who have played over 300 NHL games-legitimate NHLers.

Among Howson's later picks: Atkinson, Savard, Moore, and Calvert might become decent NHLers. His track record on his most meaningful picks has been horrible.

Patrick has Hall of Fame Credentials on best (high first round) picks.
He's hit the ball out of the park 4 out of his 5 chances. Ironically, one of Patrick's first round busts, Craig Hillier (G), did go on to play for Columbus' most competitive professional hockey team since the Chill left. Hillier played for the ill-fated UHL Columbus Stars who folded mid-season while atop the UHL standings. Hillier was a first round #23 overall in 1996.

If anyone thinks that Howson's drafting ability is on par with Mr. Patrick's, then he has redefined the word "objective."

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