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04-06-2012, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
As much as I dislike Cherry, he's right on just about every point he made.
It was an article for the Gazette. He pulled his punches. Also some convenient times to point out how HE changed PK. Fairly obvious point IMO, although once again, the fallacy that we are a small team. We're not. In fact we've lost more good skill, small size skill to mediocre skill with size. And then of course getting rid of someone who had both (AK). Did he not notice we got Geoffrion and Bourque. Say what you want about them, but he says that we keep going for smaller guys. Not since awhile.

All in all, not a lot said. I wish I was in the position of that Canucks fan who got to tell him off (I'm sooo sure he had no idea what she was saying). He should really have to defend being pro-bruins on CBC. Leafs, whatever, it's expected (although shouldn't be tolerated, but they'll never change). The whole Boston mob at CBC is total bs. Tax dollars back plz! Imagine a leafs-boston playoff series. Total station meltdown.

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