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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Howson can only be credited/faulted for 3 drafts so far (2008-10).
Craig Patrick's relevant drafts are (1990-2005)

Craig Patrick had 16 first round picks. 5 of those 16 picks were #5 or better. The remainder were 16th or less, the average being in the mid 20's.

Those drafted in the first 6 of the relevant drafts:

Howson 2008 #6 Filatov-BUST

Howson 2010 #4 Johansen-4 assists in last 24 games.

Patrick 1990 #5. A guy named Jagr. Hall of Famer

Patrick 2002 #5 Ryan Whitney-so so defenseman.

Patrick 2003 #1 M. Fleury Stanley Cup winning goalie and Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Patrick 2004 #2 Some guy named Malkin. Future HHOFer

Patrick 2005 #1 Sidney Someone.

Patrick's second round picks were lacking. But, he was generally picking in the 50th player chosen range. Like most of his first round picks, he was picking up leftovers.

Over the years, Patrick's 16 drafts (not including his first rounders) have yielded roughly 20 players who have played over 300 NHL games-legitimate NHLers.

Among Howson's later picks: Atkinson, Savard, Moore, and Calvert might become decent NHLers. His track record on his most meaningful picks has been horrible.

Patrick has Hall of Fame Credentials on best (high first round) picks.
He's hit the ball out of the park 4 out of his 5 chances. Ironically, one of Patrick's first round busts, Craig Hillier (G), did go on to play for Columbus' most competitive professional hockey team since the Chill left. Hillier played for the ill-fated UHL Columbus Stars who folded mid-season while atop the UHL standings. Hillier was a first round #23 overall in 1996.

If anyone thinks that Howson's drafting ability is on par with Mr. Patrick's, then he has redefined the word "objective."
You know what your problem is? You're dishonest, and find nothing wrong with intentionally distorting facts in order to suit your agenda. Namely:
1) Howson has been here for five drafts, not three. You intentionally ignore the 2007 draft, which has produced three NHLers thus far (Voracek, York, Mayorov), two more prospects (Weber and Hansen, with Vogelhuber being a longshot), and one guy who abruptly retired and was traded for another prospect anyway.
2) Patrick's average, if you remove the top-5 picks entirely, is between 20 and 21, not "mid-20s". If you use the actual average, it's 15th.
3) You set a benchmark of "top-5", then talk about "top-6". Gee, I wonder why that would be...
4) Two first overall picks, one second overall, Jagr dropping into their laps (which was already addressed), and Ryan Whitney. What incredible skill that must have taken.
5) Patrick's average was between 44th and 45th in the 2nd round, not "around 50th".
6) 300 games is not a "legitimate NHLer". Someone who doesn't even qualify for an NHL pension, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't mean a damned thing. 800 games is a guy who actually had a 10-year NHL career. Patrick drafted 3 such players, and traded 2 of them for absolutely nothing before they become quality NHLers. That'd be Markus Naslund for Alek Stojanov, and Martin Straka for Norm Maciver and Troy Murray.
7) You mean that one top-5 pick? The kid who's 19? Yeah, what a colossal waste. He'll be no better than that highly-touted playmaker who truly sucked in his rookie season....that 7 points that Joe Thornton put up was a huge waste of a pick.
8) Craig Hillier played in the UHL. That says more than anything else. Not only that, he was a UHL backup.
9) Nikita Filatov, who everyone will agree is a BUST, has more points than 2 of Patrick's 1st-rounders (non-goalies) and than 12 of Patrick's 2nd-rounders (non-goalies). He has more NHL games played than 3 of Patrick's 1st-rounders, and than 11 of his 2nd-rounders.

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