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Originally Posted by Aceekay View Post
1. Are you kidding me? St.Louis' top 9 is great, David Perron, David Backes, T.J. Oshie, Patrick berglund, steen, stewart arnott. Those are some of the best defensive forwards in the game playing in a very defensive system, of course none of them are gonna have exceptional offensive seasons. People said the exact same thing about Boston's top 9 last year.

2. thing is were racing against the clock Markov and Cole and to a lesser extent Plekanec, are all very important pieces to our team moving forward but they're all on the tail end of their career. It could take 3-5 years for our top 3 draft pick to develop and become an effective top 6 player, same goes for players like gallagher, Beaulieu, Tinordi,Ellis, Bournival and Leblanc.

3. No number one center, I know a lot of people think Desharnais can be a number one center, I just don't think he is capable of being a legit number one. Furthermore I don't even consider patches/desharnais/cole a first line I think of them more as a good 2nd line. I know you think we don't need a true number one center to be a good team and i respect that and to an extent I agree with that, however Plekanec needs to show he can produce offensively on a more consistent bases, then again he does need better line mates. And if eller is to develop into a 50+ point two way center he needs to play with better line mates (just like plekanec) and he also needs more ice time. Which leads me to believe Plekanec should be traded, why? because he's valuable now, and eller needs start developing now.
Perron ---- Max Pac
Backes ---- Cole
Oshie ---- Desharnais
McDonald ----- Plekanec
Berglund ---- Eller
Steen ----- Gionta
Stewart ---- Bourque
Arnott ----- Moen
Langenbruner/D'Agostini --- Leblanc

i'm sorry, but I don't see their top-9 as being "great", but if they are, I don't buy for a second that they are significantly better than our top-9, and certainly not a "worst in the conference- to - best in the conference" difference.

2- ? Markov, due to injuries, is still a big ?, sure, but he has been for the past few years. If we get 60+ games from him at a decent level, it's still a huge upgrade over what we had last year from Kaberle or Campoli.
Cole is 33, not 39, and he's coming off back-to-back 80+game seasons AND a personal best season... I wasn't a fan of the 4-year deal (still doubtful about how he'll look in year 4), but for the next 1-2 seasons I think we can count on a relatively solid level of play.
Plekanec... you have to be kidding me??? he's 29 years old... "racing against the clock" ??? that is patently absurd.

and for those 3, we have Subban, Gorges, Diaz, Emelin, Pacioretty, Desharnais, Eller, Leblanc and most importantly Price, all of which have most likely not yet shown us their "career best" level.

our nucleus is solid, we're missing some important pieces to go from a mediocre team to a contender, that much is clear, but as long as the terrible asset management of the past few years is a thing of the past, our new management team should be able to build a contender from the existing group, and if we land a stud top-6 or top-4 player with the 2012 draft, things get a whole lot easier.

3- Cole-Desharnais-MaxPac, production-wise, outdid St-Louis's top line this year (and matched boston's top line last year). There's more to it than just point production, to be sure, but that's exactly why a guy like Pleks is sorely under appreciated.

i stated that we need a stud top-6 winger to complement this group.
and upgrading from (or getting a "bounce back" year) Bourque is needed as well... but with that 1-piece, a quality winger to pair with Plekanec, our top-9 would be more than strong enough for this team to be much improved (gionta being injured this year was a big loss, having him back healthy, even if he's overpaid, is a big addition to our top-9).

MaxPac, Eller, DD are all at a stage in their career where it's reasonable to expect year-to-year improvements in overall play (if not production).
Leblanc is a bit more "wait and see", but there's also Geoffrion, Palushaj or even potentially that top-3 pick (or Gallagher/Kristo out of camp) to challenge for that spot.

MaxPac- DD - Cole
XXX - Pleks - Bourque (or upgrade)
Leblanc - Eller - Gionta

I maintain that this is a top-9 good enough to be part of a dangerous playoff team, even a contender, depending on how shored up the defense is and how effective the coaching is.

plug in a Parise to that top-9, and it's about as good as you will get league-wide (Pleks with Parise would, imo, be back to the ~70pt level he's been at 2x, and improving that line will only open up more space for DD's line to produce).

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