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11-18-2003, 08:36 PM
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Most of the time when you see people post stuff like this you find out in subsequent posts that they aren't even watching the Devils play games
Thats not me, I do watch Devils games, and unless they are down a goal they just don'tplay that exciting of a game. You said you don't think a lot of the people who say the Devils play a boring style of hockey watch a lot of Devils games, at the same time I think a lot of Devils fans just look at the winning part of the game. I see a lot of Devils fans (even in this thread) say something along the lines "winning is what its all about, and winning isn't boring", which is how they watch a game where one team only gets 14 shots on net and don't find it boring, their team won. Unfortunatly if your not a die-hard fan of one of those teams that wins using a defensive system (ie - boring hockey) theres no reason to watch. The games aren't all that exciting and the winning isn't as important to you because your not a die-hard fan. If Hockey is going to survive in NA it needs to become more exciting, which means more offense.

And to say that offense doesn't make hockey exciting - why are high light reels (ie - the excting parts) made up mostly of goals and great scoring chances? Why is it great offensive teams are never called boring? Why is it that interest in Hockey has done down at the same time systems like the trap became popular? You might not find defensive hockey boring, but the vast majority of people do which is why a lot of them don't watch hockey.

Scoring is largely an individual accomplishment, usually there is a playmaker involved also, and a secondary assists is also handed out (deserved or not), but that's it
No way. A lot of goals involve a lot more then just the credited players. I'll give you a recent example. The Leafs were playing the King, Leafs were in the Kings zone. Riechel had the puck and was on the right circle, Nolan was stand on the left side hash-marks, Kaberle was on the blue line. Reichel had no shot and no good passing lane, expect back to the blue line. So Kaberle rushes into the slot and calls for the pass. He draws 2 of the defenders onto him, opening up both a passing lane for Reichel and shooting lane for Nolan. Reichel makes the pass and Nolan gets the goal. Thats a play that involved not only the credited players (Nolan, Reichel and Tucker) but also Kaberle, if he hadn't rushed in and drawn those defensemen off the play couldn't have happened.

You also have a lot of goals scored because a player or two is standing infront of the net, screening the goalie (they don't always tip those shots in). They don't get assist's when a goal is scored, but a lot of the time if they aren't parked there that shots not going in.

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