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Originally Posted by Velociraptor View Post
I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as most people here, but from a general standpoint and what I know from these players. The above is my reasoning for the line not being extremely well-assembled, perhaps I should pick another line to coin 'worst-assembled' but I think that it should be noted this is not among the stronger first lines in the draft. Call me crazy but this is a opinionated thread, and this is what I see. Also, I misinterpreted Denneny's defensive play, he is physical but as explained earlier, nothing special defensively, which again brings down the defensive value of the line.

Sorry for not opening my eyes, Bobrov - Cowley - Bauer is a brutally assembled line. I would've kept Starshinov and Larionov.
Just keep what I said above in mind when forming your opinion. I have VERY high opinions of Denneny and especially Nighbor, so I'm probably very biased here, but even I wouldn't call the line one of the better first lines. Nighbor is about the 40th-50th best player, and Denneny is maybe 60th-70th. It's a great duo with two very strong players, brought down ever so slightly by a worse RW. The thing, though, is that Denneny and Nighbor had proven real life success in multiple years, ESPECIALLY in the playoffs. And, despite what mark says, I think that all three are capable puck carriers for an ATD first line (Balderis less so). Don't underestimate Denneny's playmaking.. the guy has a very strong playmaking record for a guy considered to be primarily a goalscorer. The only actual criticism I would have of that line is the lack of goal scoring, overall. However, I'm not entirely informed on Balderis, so that may not be true.

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