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Originally Posted by Roymustgo View Post
Is it possible Ruff actually feels his job is in jeopardy? It does seem like an ill-planned thing to do that could stem from fear.

I will say the same thing I said in the thread this was plucked from: Ruff is quite clearly referencing Vanek (among others) here. That suggests to me that Vanek may not have the chronic injury many fans assume he has. Someone suggested Vanek has been nursing a dislocated shoulder since January. If that is true, Vanek has been a warrior for trying to play through it and no one can expect that much from him. Ruff knows what is or is not wrong with Vanek, so to single him out like this suggests Vanek is not nursing an injury.

Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this after the Boston game.
I think it says exactly the opposite.
1. He feels so secure with his job he can throw anyone under the bus.
2. He could be letting other teams know his players are available
3. If he was worried about his job the worst thing to do is speak out. How does that look going into a job interview?

Ruff and Regier are so buddy buddy they know exactly where they stand, he does not need to be nervous or fear.

PS. If Vanek is hurt then sit the f$ck down, you are the reason we missed the playoffs.

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