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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I strongly disagree. Don Cherry is a very simple man who doesn't undrstand the game of hockey from a technical point of view. There isn't a coach in the NHL who would welcome or value any advice offered by Mr. Cherry.

This guy has never even been considered for a job with an NHL team for close to three decades. He is simply too daft to be able to absorb new concepts and is perfectly at home clowning for his drooling, knuckle dragging followers. Archie Bunker was entertaining but he was a fictional character........unfortunately Cherry is quite real.

Don Cherry rode Bobby Orr to fame and has taken advantage of that fame by being a xenophobic simpleton on HNIC. He was a terrible coach and is an even more pathetic human being.

have we not already exposed how he lays his captain obvious eggs over the course of multiple seasons and waits for an incident to cause them to hatch?

He knows NOTHING about hockey on a professional level, it's just opinions and the same ones I hear floating around a Tim Hortons in Ontario.

He doesn't support wearing visors cuz he thinks it makes you a sissy. That alone is enough to discredit him COMPLETELY.

I saw a quote on HIO who had it as his signature, but it was a horrific statement by Cherry regarding torture of middle eastern people captured, whether with reason or not. Bigot is an understatement. And no one so out of touch with reality (and btw so right leaning) can have a grasp on ANYTHING.

Duh Gorges has character, thanks for the wisdom you goon. Gionta is a great captain IMO, so we don't have to bring up who it should be. Gorges will be the captain in a few years.

Cherry coaching a previously great NHL team would result in a 2011-2012 epic collapse. He doesn't know much about mortgages, but then again, he doesn't know much about anything.

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