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03-01-2006, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by in the hall
at the time of the draft, everyones pick is the next ____NHLER_____ not the next bust

i think threads like this are pointless since obviously not everyone will be a bust

I love the fact that people view every debate as an all-or-nothing issue.

Not every last overall pick will fail to make the NHL (Kim Johnsson made it). Does that mean that a last overall pick is highly valuable? Not every first overall draftee will be any good (Daigle first overall, Chizowski second overall), so does it mean that first overall picks are useless? No on both counts.

You go with percentages. And fact is that your "batting average" at the end of the first round is less than 50-50 to get an NHLer (even a 4th liner) and no more than 5-10% to get a star that will actually make a difference.

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