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04-07-2012, 10:44 AM
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I can see arguments for both teams.

Detroit: Slay the beast right away. Would be a huge boost in momentum to beat them in the first round, might be the start of a deep run. I think that when we finally beat Detroit in a playoff series, that will be the moment I look back on as the time that I started thinking of the Predators as an elite team and a legitimate contender. On the other hand, losing in the first round (to anyone) will be more disastrous this year than in other years because of the Suter/Weber/Radulov situation. We need a deep run now, and even though we did well against Detroit in the regular season we know that doesn't mean anything in the playoffs. They may not be as dominant as usual but they're still Detroit, and they have an excellent goalie.

Chicago: The main reason I want to play them is their goaltending, or lack thereof. They do not have a Stanley Cup goalie. We do. Crawford is bipolar...he's either awesome or completely terrible, and I don't see him being consistent enough for the playoffs. And we all know how easily we can rip Emery apart. If our series became a goalie battle, as so many playoff series often do, we win hands down. That said, beating Chicago is not as sexy as beating Detroit, and the number of fans they bring to our arena is annoying. Grimson also mentioned on the radio that the United Center is a much harder building to play in than the Joe, and he wouldn't want to go there for the first round. And they are the hotter team right now.

It's a tough call. I don't think you'll see the teams tank least not Detroit. They're still playing for home ice, so you'd think they'd play hard. It's gonna be interesting...

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