Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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04-07-2012, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
Same here. Gregor's show just wasn't interesting anymore so I stopped listening about two years ago.

Definitely agree with the bolded . Tencer actually uses his show to cover the hockey topics people want to hear about. Gregor (in the past when I listened pretty regular) is prone to spend half the show talking about himself and other non-hockey related topics like the Rush and Desperate Housewives.

As far as being a shill for the Oilers - no one even comes close to touching Stauffer in that department. Tencer and Brown are negative Nancys by comparison.

He may look like a dork and people can probably rightfully rip on him because he's immature sometimes on Twitter or in open letters to opponents fans , and it could even be said that he's heading down the Gregor road when he spends too much airtime on his latest road rage story or talking about his "girlfriend" .... but he still puts out the best hockey show in Edmonton imo.

Now that may be an indictment of the competition as much as a feather in his cap, but I suspect those folks hoping to see him fired/gone are going to be left feeling a bit like the sad sack posters here who just can't accept that Gagner is still on the team .
the hate-on for Tencer has more to do with how he looks and sounds than anything else. he reminds me of Scott Oak, a guy that should be reporting the news and somehow ended up in sports. He looks and sounds like a newsy.

but, other than that, what's the problem? he has a sports show, he has interviews with great guests (Messier, Donovan Bailey and the interview Rod Phillips was epic), he has phone-in time. so you hate him because... he doesn't say Lowe and Tambo are idiots? Or do you hate him because he doesn't say what you think and want to hear? for some guys, if you are not cutting down the organization, then you're a shill. Tencer questions Renney's decisions all the time.

Its almost as if guys need to hate someone.. they are not unlike those fans that have to boo former Oilers at games. they get a thrill at the whole 'i hate you' gesture. deny till the cows come home, but you get a charge out of saying 'you are an idiot!!'

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