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Originally Posted by Santini5389 View Post
I can't seem to get this "drag-in" motion down. I can't seem to lean into the shot when I pull the puck into my feet. How close is the puck supposed to be when you snap it?
It can be pretty minor. Watch the Cammalleri video posted on the first page to get an idea, often you're just dragging it in a couple of inches. I only do the really extreme drag/pull ins when I really want to change the angle on the goalie, or when I really need to drag it in to shoot around a shot blocker.

Honestly, you can perform a snap shot with no drag at all. The key aspect of the snap shot is to load the stick around the start of the shot, then release, as opposed to the wrist shot which is more of a continuous, sweeping load throughout the shot. A snap shot is like a slap shot in that the stick loads up before coming in contact with the puck, but with the snap shot there's no wind up, you do all the loading with arm strength and weight transfer. Look at how Phil Kessel often shoots, when he's shooting in stride he very often does not drag the puck in at all, he goes straight from stick handling to loading/shooting, it's part of what gives him such a quick, hard to read release. I personally find that for some reason I have a bit more power and accuracy with the little pre-shot drag, but I still often use the Phil Kessel type snappers when a quick release is most important, you can often catch goalies without them even noticing that the shot is coming.

This is a decent example of what I'm talking about (start watching at 55 seconds if you just want to see the goal):

You get the shot off so quickly this way, it can be really deceptive, the goalie often won't notice you're shooting until the puck is off your stick.

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