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04-07-2012, 01:33 PM
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On top of being a confident stick handler, keeping your head up at all times is the main thing. Not just with the puck, but BEFORE you get the puck too. If you always really have a good idea of where everyone is on the ice, you'll know exactly how much time and space you have. If you skate around with your head down, you're always gonna think a defender could strip you at any moment, even when there isn't one nearby.

Another thing is to really keep your legs moving, and to keep your strides long and powerful even when you have the puck. So many guys will slow down once they get the puck, and switch to a short, choppy stride. If you slow down whenever you get the puck then defenders are going to close on you FAST, and you'll have no choice but to pass. At slow speeds you aren't much of a threat to blow by anyone, so defenders can play you really aggressively. Concentrate on maintaining your speed with the puck, and keeping your strides long and powerful like they are without the puck, and defenders will be more on their heels, buying you time and space.

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