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03-01-2006, 10:28 PM
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ugg... i cann't beleive i waited 17 days to see that.. some thoughts lurking just behind the anger

...we just lost easily to a team that couldn't make the playoffs in the AHL
...some people actually blamed our struggles right before the break to us being tired. like other teams weren't playing as many games as we were or something.
...i hardly know where to start when trying to disect this game. it was that bad. easily our worst game of the year, even worse than the 7-3 drubbing with finley in net, because most of that one was one man's fault
...scratching hall to put either nichol or smithson on the ice is near lunacy.
...our olympians looked awful. zidlicky,timonen, and markov looked like they were skating in sand. erat passed when he should have shot and shot when he should have passed all night.
...kariya and sullivan... have they not put on a pair of skates since the last game?. both looked terribly rusty. in fact they looked horrible the entire game. kariya did less than nothing in my mind... no shots on net in 18 minutes.
...perreault and sillinger. well they looked awful. both pooked like the two slowest players on ice. wait, they are the two slowest players on the ice. neither looked like they had seen a puck in a month.
...we couldn't skate. at least 10 times we tripped and fell simply trying to skate.
...when we don't/cann't use our speed to generate anything... well to be honest we are not a good hockey team. we have so many small weak forwards on the puck, they we can simply be knocked off the puck too easily.
...the grind line looked like crap. nichol at center and smithson at wing just aren't cutting it to be honest.
...the sillinger pickup. god i hope it turns out better than it's looked thru 8 games. sillinger has shown next to nothing in our offensive sets (if we had offensive sets that is). right now, i'd rather have fiddler out there than him, he has brought nothing so far.
...hamhuis played awful, but probably no worse than any of our other d-men.
...if someone put a gun to my head and said tell me who played the best game for the preds or i'm pulling the trigger. well it'd probably take that for me to have to come up with a name, but i'd honestly have to say upshall i guess, so of course we play him 5 less minutes than greg johnson and less minutes than any other non-4th line forward.
...the legwand-sillinger crash together at the blueline capped it off. zidlicky still hasn't skated into the picture on that one, and timonen tries to hit a guy when they have a 3 on 1. made for a erfect ending to this one.
...our pp...sigh.. the 5 on 3. all night it looked pretty much like crap, in other words about like it has for the last 15-20 games. sullivan on the point is one of the stupidiest things we have done.
...i would be hard pressed to think of a game with as many bouncing pucks. we looked like we were dribbling the puck down ice most every time.
...eaton's knee injury. knee to knee lick, could be bruised, could be bad. might guarantee we now go after another dman if it is. not good news.

23 to go. we need to win 13 to finish in the 4 or 5 spot. we need to win 10 to make the playoffs. this is going to be a nail-biter one way or the other. on the positive side, we're much better than we looked tonight... thank god

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