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03-01-2006, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by mikedifr
True. But I also remember teams like the Red Wings who let their players grow together for several years and playoff dissappointments and added a piece or two to get the cup when they were close (Shanahan, Vernon) Tampa Bay who let all their young players develop instead of trading them away for veterans like the Flyers have over the years. This team has been there done that as far as adding veterans at the end of the year to push us to the cup. They need to let players play together and develop chemistry and then add one or two pieces needed. I think we add what we can this year without sacrificing anyone significant on the roster. With Gagne, Carter, Richards, Handzus, Umberger, Pitkanen, Nitty, Rado, Johnsson and the additions of Forsberg, Hatcher and Knuble, we need to keep all these players together. I think Umberger, Carter, Nitty and Richards are THAT good that even in their 2nd year they can take their development by leaps and bounds. Look at the difference in Pitkanen!! I have said it 100 times but I dont want Jokinen. He is a very good player but I dont think he fits with this team. Chemisty needs to be considered, that is what wins cups. Not throwin together as many talented players as possible. I would like to add someone that can help for draft picks and maybe a minor prospect this year and take a run. If things fall out the right way I think they have as much of a chance as anyone. Let these young guys stay together and develop as a team over another season next year, add one or two players in the offseason and take one final shot with Forsberg, assuming he isnt coming back after next season.
Great reply. But remember Detriot did that in a non-cap world. How much will Gagne ask for next year? 5 mil.? Johnsson is a UFA. In this new NHL a team will have to go for it when they can. Sure I wouldn't want to give up young guys either but this is what it will take to get it done. You said it best in Tampa, pre cap and cap. You can't re-sign guys so easily. So again if you have a chance, go for it because you guys are REAL close!

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