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11-19-2003, 02:45 AM
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Originally Posted by mariano
This is a truly ignorant post.
How is 4 goals bad numbers? That averages out to 20 goals a year. Straka is a career 25-30 goal scorer. So he is whopping 1 goal behind normal pace. In fact, 4 goals is very good, considering that he is playing on a line with a bunch of minor leaguers. His -12 means nothing more than he gets a lot of minutes, being on a team with the worst defense in the league.

As far as injury is concerned, the stupidity of that comment has already been taken care of above. Having a teammate hit you in the eye and having a weight machine fall on you hardly equal injury prone. Constant knee, groin, concussion etc problems are cause for concern. Not the occassional freak accident.

The greatest ignorance is that you obviously know nothing beyond a few statistics about Straka. He is a 100% on every shift and a heart-and-soul guy. He'd be captain of the Pens if not for Mario. Any team should be glad to have him.
That's his opinion, and mine by your view would be much worse. Personaly I don't really care if you like our opinions or not.......remember what board you are on. Point is that a 4 million 5-9 player is worth much. "playing with a bunch of minor leaguers"......welcome to the club....His point total isn't that impressive considering the top-line ice time he is given, they're not bad but not great......And the kings have enough injuries as it is without bringing in a 5-9 question mark

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