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11-19-2003, 03:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Tom_Benjamin
Let's say? Let's say? You have to invent a scenario to make your Fantasy Island view of the NHL problems work! Why don't you use a real life example of a non-elite team signing a free agent and becoming elite. Which poor team has ever been on the cusp of being elite but failed to get there because they could not afford a free agent?

Let's eliminate elite teams because if we don't, the Rangers will outspend Calgary in ten years and become elite with their wallet! Let mediocrity rule to solve a problem you have to invent?

This is a really convincing argument.

I simplified the arguement, that is all. I thought it would make it easier for you guys to understand, but apparently not. I am not inventing a problem, you are ignoring it.

If the arguement isn't convincing, why don't you prove to me that it wouldn't happen. As long as that situation, and other situations like it, can happen in the NHL, then there is an advantage given to the richer markets.

There are real life examples, but using a clear-cut fictional example makes the point better, as it prevents the issue from getting clouded.

The point being made by BDMW, is that there is no scenario where spending more will improve a teams performance. I have provided such a scenario, yet you guys try to ignore it since it destroys your argument.

You can keep coming up with exceptions, like Ottawa, but that does nothing to prove your point. You are arguing that it payroll is never an advantage, and I am arguing that it provides an advantage in some cases. By providing at least one case, I have proved my point, and you have not proved yours.

There are real life examples of teams spending money to help propel their team to the elite status (Dallas did it with Hull and Belfour, Colorado did it by trading for Roy, requiring a contract extension, etc.). I could go into all of those, but I don't have to. You're the one arguing that richer teams don't have an advantage. Why don't you prove your case, and shoot down my example.

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