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11-19-2003, 04:45 AM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
Depends on the game. Shots only count if they are on net, there could be a lot more scoring chances that don't count etc.....
The Devils are near the top of the league in shots on goal and they miss the net a heck of a lot as well, so they must be playing exciting hockey. Right?

Originally Posted by sluggo
Thats averaging, a lot of Oilers games had more then that, and some had less which brings the average down (but even 33 is ten higher then 20-23, which seems to be average now) and is MUCH more excting then 14. And even if they didn't a shot on a play, they weren't closing down the neutral zone and dumping and chasing. It was open and free flowing.
The Devils average 30 shots a game, so it's only 3-4 more than what they average. The Devils get 30 shots against a trapping team, and the other team only gets 14 against us, and you blame the Devils for being boring? Seems to me the team that only manages 14 shots should get some blame too.

Originally Posted by sluggo
Its not so much more scoring, but scoring chances. Thats why making the nets bigger or banning the butterfly wouldn't help. Like I said, one of the most exciting games I've ever seen was a 2-1 game, but there were 93 shots on goal.
So you'd be happy to see good goaltending with bad defense, and the good goaltending is optional? If all you want is more goals from sloppy play all we have to do is add some more expansion teams.

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