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11-19-2003, 04:27 AM
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Haven't watched recently...

Originally Posted by sluggo
"When the puck is dropped, they play agressive hockey, but they are patient. They are careful not to make mistakes, but they work hard on offense"

This is the boring hockey. They'll only send one forechecker and seem more worried about giving up a goal then getting one. When they get behind, thats when they become an exciting team to watch. When you watch the "exciting teams" they ALWAYS play like the Devils do when the game starts or they are up by a goal or two.

LIke I said, I don't know why they were all moved (you just said something about the locker room being bad) which I can understand, but at the same time they didn't bring compairable offensive talent back in to replace those players (kinda like the Leafs with their defense).
Their are times early in the game, that the devils send 2 and sometimes 3 forecheckers, although, 3rd man will remain high. Watch closely next time. You'll be surprised.