Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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04-07-2012, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
the hate-on for Tencer has more to do with how he looks and sounds than anything else. he reminds me of Scott Oak, a guy that should be reporting the news and somehow ended up in sports. He looks and sounds like a newsy.

but, other than that, what's the problem? he has a sports show, he has interviews with great guests (Messier, Donovan Bailey and the interview Rod Phillips was epic), he has phone-in time. so you hate him because... he doesn't say Lowe and Tambo are idiots? Or do you hate him because he doesn't say what you think and want to hear? for some guys, if you are not cutting down the organization, then you're a shill. Tencer questions Renney's decisions all the time.

Its almost as if guys need to hate someone.. they are not unlike those fans that have to boo former Oilers at games. they get a thrill at the whole 'i hate you' gesture. deny till the cows come home, but you get a charge out of saying 'you are an idiot!!'
I don't dislike Tencer or anything.

I just wish when he interviews, he wouldn't start with a commentary, then ask a question, then answer his own question, and then say to the guests "am i right?" after one or two minutes or an eternity or so it seems.

That leaves the guess very little to say and much less times to talk. Most interviews from other hosts would be host / guest; 20% / 80%. Dan's would do almost a 50 / 50. He got the rest of this show by himself and he can do lots of commentary, so why take away time from the guests?

Let's say if Dan hosts Coaches Corner or TSN panel, Grapes or MacKenzie would not have time to get a word in due to the length of Dan's question/commentary!

The best hosts like Duthie & McLean say the fewest but facilitate the show masterfully, and then there is host like Dan who keep talking the most....

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